Arte Vista

Project Details


Location: Oostende, Belgium
Client: Private Individual
Status: Built
Year: 2022

The Arte Vista project is a collection of commercial renderings for a stunning residential house located in Oostende, Belgium. The building boasts an impressive five floors, with the first floor designated for garage and commercial use, while the remaining floors are dedicated to comfortable living. The penthouse on the fifth floor is a perfect choice for young people and families alike.
We decided to showcase the building in a more artistic way to make it stand out from other projects. The building has a strict design, but we were able to make it more attractive by adding a big way of yellow balloons that starts at the garage on the ground floor and extends to the sky, capturing our attention and inviting us to analyze the image further.
To showcase the full potential of the project, we created three visualizations from different angles and used two light scenarios. Two of the pictures showcase the daytime with the yellow balloons, while the third picture showcases the nighttime lighting scenario. The nighttime lighting is colourful and dynamic, highlighting the building’s design with a stunning display of light in the windows.
Our team of experts paid close attention to every detail, including the lighting and camera angles, to create a project that would stand out in a crowded marketplace. We wanted to ensure that every element of the design was showcased to its fullest potential.
If you’re searching for high-quality visualization services for your next project, Arte Vista is the perfect choice. With our team of experienced professionals, we can help bring your project to life and showcase it in a stunning and captivating way that will attract new clients and leave a lasting impression.


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