square metres - sqm
square feets - sqft
current units: sqm
Interior Design
From $35 per sqm (up to 150 sqm),
From $25 per sqm (from 155 sqm up to 400 sqm)
*Finding contractors - the price is negotiable.
When you order interior design, you get:
2-3 layout options;
3D imaging;
Design sketchbook,which includes:
  • Layout of partitions and constructions;
  • Measurements scheme;
  • Dismantling plan;
  • Furniture layout;
  • Sanitary equipment scheme with specifications;
  • Under floor heating layout.
  • Ceiling layout.
  • Sketches of the furniture (made-to-order).
  • Floor layout, floor covering scheme;
  • Air conditioning scheme;
  • Layout of light fixtures,switches, light control chart, with references;
  • Switch socket scheme, with references;
  • Door layout.
  • Wall elevations for all premises.
  • Specifications for finishing materials, furniture and light fittings.
Skills and expertise
Design concepts
Interior design
3D Rendering
Product design
Design supervision
Site measurement
Lighting design
Material selection
Architectural design:
From $20 per sqm up to 400 sqm
Working architectural design:
From $30 per sqm up to 400 sqm
*Finding contractors - the price is negotiable. *The price for big projects (above 400 sqm / 4305 sq ft) will be lower
When you order architectural design (D), you get:
2-3 layout options;
3D imaging;
Design sketchbook, which includes:
Working documentation package for WAD, which includes:
Achitecture Design
  • Explanatory note;
  • Roofing plan;
  • Facades with room finishing record.
  • Window opening and doorway record.
  • Scheme of the general plot plan;
  • Floor plan;
  • Section drawings;
Working Architectural Design
  • Explanatory note;
  • Scheme of the general plot plan;
  • Foundation plan;
  • Foundation section drawings;
  • Floor plan;
  • Window lintel layout and record;
  • Construction units;
  • Consultations regarding construction works;
  • Framing plan;
  • Scheme of the roofing elements;
  • Roofing plan;
  • Section drawings;
  • Facades with room finishing record;
  • Window opening and doorway record;
  • Designer supervision;
  • Selection of facades materials.
Skills and expertise
Architectural Concepts
Working architectural design
3D Rendering
Landscape design
Facade Design
Exterior lighting design
Urban planning
Architect's supervision
When you order visualization,you get:
Interior visualization: from $200 per shot;
Exterior visualization: from $250 per shot;
Exterior 360 visualization: from $300 per shot;
3D modeling: starts from $25 for one model;
Skills and expertise
3ds Max
Corona Render
Unreal Engine
Architecture Degree
3D Modeling
Concept Art