Project Details


Location: Montreal, Canada
Client: Private Individual
Status: In Progress
Year: 2021

Welcome to our backyard and front entrance renovation project in Montreal, Canada. The house features two different architectural styles on each facade: modern in the backyard and classic in the front. We focused on updating the railings and fence on the front facade to match the classic style, while completely redesigning the backyard landscape, facade, terrace, and garage.

Our landscape design included adding a lawn with bushes and small trees, a pond with warm neon lights, and concrete steps leading to a new garden office with a terrace. We also updated the stairs leading to the main house terrace, using warm neon lights and wood to create a modern and welcoming look.
To create a space for conversations, we added two sofas, a fireplace, and big garden lights near the pond. On the main house terrace, we placed a dining table covered by a black pergola to protect the area from the sun.

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