Project Details


Location: Ukraine
Client: Private Individual
Status: In Development
Year: 2023

CP I: Our commercial building is designed with the colours of freedom, featuring main white volumes with parametric shapes on the facade. The building’s reflection in the nearby pond and the neon lights in blue and yellow colours create a stunning visual effect.

CP II: The museum located in the east of Ukraine was designed to blend into the complex landscape of the region. We used dark tiles on the facade to represent the building as a big sleeping creature, giving it a sense of hardness. The museum also features parametric shapes that add a touch of modernity to the overall design.

CP III: This private house is located near a river and boasts two stories, with the second story designed as an observation deck with a blue glass covering and blue lighting. The first floor is dedicated to all house functions, with large windows on both the front and back facades facing the river. Warm lighting is used on the first floor, while the house lighting at night features the colours of the Ukrainian flag.


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