Project details

Location: New Castle, Colorado
Client: Private Individual
Status: In Progress
Year: 2022

Our project involved creating an interior design and architectural design with minor changes, along with 3D visualizations, for a private house in Lakota Canyon Ranch. This exclusive community is nestled below the high mountain forests of the Rocky Mountains, in the historic town of New Castle. The community is renowned for its picturesque confluence of mountains, breathtaking views, and unique seclusion with uncharacteristic access to services. Home of the spectacular James Engh Golf Course, Lakota Canyon Ranch offers an intriguing combination of a residential community and a world-class golf experience. Lakota Canyon Ranch Golf Club is the recipient of many national awards and top rankings.

Our design approach was based on the Mountain style of architecture that encompasses the theme for Lakota Canyon Ranch and Golf Club. This style represents a harmony of the great natural beauty of the environment, local craftsmanship traditions, and readily available indigenous materials. It combines a vernacular approach to the natural surroundings, spawned from the picturesque natural beauty of wooded mountains and vistas of mountain peaks. The architecture style also incorporates heavy timber or log trusses and columns, fireplaces of regional stone, and covered porches with articulated wood railings.

Our team used all of these natural materials in the interior design, creating a mountain-style interior that complements the overall architectural theme of Lakota Canyon Ranch. The use of indigenous stone, wood siding or half-log applications, articulated wood railings at balconies and covered porches, with extended eaves form the desired architectural style of Lakota Canyon Ranch. The decorative potential of these structural elements, such as stone fireplaces with stone chimney caps, decorative workmanship to accent the natural wood, stone features, multiple roof lines varying in design and pitch with rusted corrugated metal, architectural-grade composition, and asphalt shingles, are integrated into an elegant Mountain home.

Our process began by reading local building codes and holding weekly meetings with the client to discuss the design. We started with the first options of floor plans and incorporated client feedback to create an optimal design. We also informed the client about design solutions and limitations. After completing the floor plans, we moved on to creating facades and discussed our design with the client, incorporating their feedback. Once completed, we invited a construction engineer to the project and worked closely with all engineers to add changes to the project as needed.


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