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Project Details


Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Client: Private Individual
Status: In Development
Year: 2019

At the beginning of work the main task was to feel the identity of the customer, to understand his preferences and tastes. The design was inspired by the works of famous modernists and constructionists, such as Le Corbusier, Chernikhov, Malevich, client definitely liked their works.

In apartment of 145 square meters placed 2 children’s rooms, master bedroom, playroom, 2 bathrooms, living room with kitchen, wardrobe, 2 balconies, garage for pram and bicycle.

The apartment has a problem layout with a large number of corridors and unused space. We made the corridors as bright as possible, functional, in useless corners we put the furniture, picked up an individual decor to create the impression of a walk through a modern art gallery. Both in decor and in furniture, we preferred to use round shapes, which liked the customer, at the same time it was safely for children.

All zones in the apartment are separated by colors which corresponding to the spirit of modernism. Everything is arranged rationally, each zone has its own purpose .Another task was to place the furniture for storage so it won’t visually load the space. The solution was the cabinets, smoothly turning into the walls. A multi-functional green cube serves as a link between zones in apartment. In green cube housed a bar, hidden part of the technical equipment and hidden storage space. In the interior was also used wood – it always creates a feeling of comfort and coziness. We tried to hide the technique or made it like what it not to effect on the overall picture.

For each project, we are trying to “write” an individual story in which the main character is our customer