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Project Details


Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Client: Pollio Studio
Status: In Development
Year: 2018

Project of office for the company Pollio Studio. The  space of the office is located in the basement floor , so outside of the outer wall we have the basement wall. The height of the basement wall is 2 meters, fortunately it is not covering natural lighting.

The budget for the project was small. We decided to keep the ceiling concrete and install ceiling lights to save the budget. The space of the office is not so big, so we tried to use rationally all areas .


When we enter the office, we see a red wardrobe closet with hidden handles and a branded wall on the left. Under the branded wall there is a shelf for changing employees’ shoes. We used glass partitions for zone separation, also some areas of the office we highlight by color. We chose yellow for the kitchen area , it’s a more relaxing color. The kitchen is separated by a glass partition to prevent food odors from entering the open space. For conference area we use red color , this color makes people more active.


Due to the fact that we had a small space, we decided to combine the working tables and the reception desk into one whole. The front part was made in one piece, we separated it with colors to relieve the visual perception of a massive horizontal element.


Here we decided to use several new technical tools – this is decorative stucco in WC, concrete wash basin, production of an individual lamp above the reception desk. In equipment we concentrated on the local market. All cabinet furniture was made individually and ordered from local craftsmen . In furniture was used chipboard panels , metal , and glass.


In the process of creating the customer fully believed our taste and he approved the 1st option of design .The building process was running really fast and all works were completed in 4 months. We were happy to get this positive experience in our professional life.