Project Details


Location: 21 Warren St, London
Client: Private Individual
Status: In Progress
Year: 2023

QIMA Cafe is a recently renovated office room in London that now serves as a cafe. Our interior design task was to create an updated space, without complicated design tricks that require demolition or new construction. We focused on creating an attractive design with a quick turnaround time.
We painted all the walls and ceiling with chocolate-coloured paint to keep the budget low and to match the main floor’s style. Along the walls, we installed light grey-coloured sofas, leaving the central part of the room open for easy transit. We added metal green shelves in the existing niches with antique dishes for making coffee. Visitors can buy the antique dish or try some of the special coffee blends available.
On the walls, we put photos of the coffee plantations and plantation owners who have specific sorts of coffee and contracts with QIMA Cafe. For the entrance, we painted everything in one colour that matched the window’s colour on the terrace. We added LED lights under the steps of the stairs and put the logo “Q2” with a backlight on the wall in front of the stairs. This creates a fantastic minimalist feeling, especially at night.
We prepared a list of the furniture available for purchase in London. This allows the customer to choose the furniture that fits their needs and budget, saving both time and money.
Overall, our goal was to create an attractive and functional design that suited the client’s needs while staying within the budget. We achieved this by using simple and efficient design elements that enhanced the cafe’s overall ambience.


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